43actions.com logo

Launched a new Getting Things Done (GTD) inspired to-do list and organizer for the iPhone and iPod touch. Visit and sign up at 43actions.com.

Sanity is Statistical

Started a personal blog over at olb.tumlbr.com.

Oskar Lissheim-Boethius.com

My first entirely personal website (really). Clean, minimalistic design is what has always interested me the most. Long name = long URL.

Visit oskarlissheimboethius.com.

Tiny website for Son of a Y (Swedish laptop trio)

Launched the (extremely simplistic) website for a laptop trio I have with some friends in the Composition class. We'll have our first gig in Lissabon in mid-May.

Visit SonOfaY.avocade.com. Downloadable demos of the music are available.

Donna Dashingwood Movie Website

Launched today the newly designed website for the animated short movie Donna Dashingwood. It's made by Sara Axelsson, Sweden in 2004-2005. The site can be found at donnadashingwood.avocade.com.

If you want to download a low-quality version of the movie immediately you can find it here. You can also buy the full quality version from hungryflix.com and in doing so encourage Sara to make more movies. Enjoy, Merry Christmas and a Happy 2006!

Christmas update

Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate. Thought it would be appropriate to unveil a new design just in time for christmas.

Took the opportunity to refine the design of my old blog as well. Check it out at oskar.avocade.com.

Lots of old and new music is now up for grabs. Check out the music section. Creativity for hire :)